I think I’ve found my new church. And it’s not what you think. (Lol)

It’s holy because Yulonda works there and the food? It warms my soul. The table cloths are plastic and checkered; and the ketchup’s in squeezie bottles…and when the ketchup gets low…the noise it makes? Well…it reminds me of my weekly dates with my dad when I was a little kid…and he would intentionally embarrass the heck out of me with bottles just like that at Suber’s Town House Restaurant. 

Maybe that’s why I like “Dish” so much. 

Or maybe it’s because of Yulonda. (She’s on the left and that’s Red Boot Intern Julia, on the right.)

I want y’all to take a look at her. She’s about the most charismatic human I’ve ever known. And I’m not being dramatic. I mean it. Go and see. Ask for her and tell her I sent ya. 

Last night I took our Red Boot “Wonder-Intern” there for dinner, because I think everybody can learn something from Yulonda. 

I told her I wanted to write about her and asked “Do you have anything in particular you want me to say.” 

Her message was simple. 
“I love my job. I find purpose here. It’s not about being a waitress. It’s about loving people. I love everybody who walks through that door. People have asked me why I don’t get a “better” job. And I wonder what they mean by that. I’m happy. I make enough money and I love people.”


Preach sister. Preach.