I had the honor of meeting President George H.W. Bush and most of his family, along with President Barak Obama, several years ago at a “Points of Light” ceremony at the White House.

(Yes. You read that right. Two presidents from different parties actually gave the awards together.)

But anyway, I digress. 

Before the ceremony I had lunch with the Bush Family. (W. was not there). When I walked into the restaurant Neil Bush, one of H.W. son’s greeted me. 

We started chatting and at some point I asked him, “So seriously. What’s that like having your dad serve as the President of the United States? Was that like a reality warp or what?”

And he said, “Ya know. It just WAS our reality. My father was involved in civic leadership our whole lives. It was in our DNA. He was always in a position of leadership that led to public judgement and so frankly it was just something we got used to.”

There was a slight pause and then he said with a big grin that was nothing short of the most mischievous grin I’ve ever seen. 

“Now you wanna know what’s really weird?” He said. 

“What?” I replied. 

“When your brother is President of the United States! That’s a whole other thing!!!”

I spoke a bit more with one of Neil’s kids and truth be told, he said the same thing about his family. He shared that humility and civic leadership were woven into their family DNA. He also shared that it often brought public scrutiny, that as a kid was tough to handle sometimes. He recalled a time when someone snapped a photograph of him with a homeless person in Austin and how cruel social media was in regards to that photo. 

Anyway, I felt like sharing this with y’all this morning. 

Here’s the video they showed at that ceremony in 2013. I will admit that attending this event was a lot of fun, a true honor and something I won’t ever forget. https://youtu.be/B6_Hd43joTw

(And of course check out the socks.)