My mom and I used to go on road trips together.

New York, Florida, Ohio.

Usually to visit family.

I remember one of those trips in particular when she was listening to some audiotapes, that at the time, sounded like gobbledegook and nonsense.

I was in my early 20’s and she in her early 60’s.

At one point during the drive, a phrase jumped out at me off of one of those tapes and I asked her about it.

“Mom, what does the phrase, “The Universe is always conspiring in our favor mean?”

I don’t remember what she said, but I remembered the phrase.

It has been a phrase I have held onto my entire life, especially during what I’ve perceived as difficult times…

1. Like the night I wanted to “disappear” from the shame I had accrued as a result of my alcoholism, but instead curled up and went to sleep; attended a 12-step meeting the next day and a few months later began dreaming up an empowerment program for girls.

2. Or the moment, I realized my marriage couldn’t be saved; and so we split up; and here we are some 20 years later, my ex and I check in frequently, have become friends, really good friends.

3. Or the wee-early-hours-in-the-morning phone call I got from my son after a car accident in the Holland Tunnel…and how he has used his experiences in that big city, to grow into a wise man…strong, courageous and humble.

4. Or that time my daughter sat down on my bed and told me the truth about some things going on in her life…a truth that shows up now as she mentors and encourages other girls and young women to stand up for themselves.

This phrase…”the Universe is always conspiring In our favor”…signifies a trust or belief in something bigger; a knowing or intuitive wisdom that gives me the peace and courage to linger in the space of doubt, fear and not-knowing-what’s coming.

A time like now.

Good morning/afternoon my friends.

“The secret to a good morning is to watch the sunrise with an open heart.”

~Anthony T. Hincks