Well…I will have results back in a couple of days. (See previous post. ❤️💜💛🧡💚)

Until then, I’m moving ahead and having some fun touching base with the first “Camp Marfa” participants.

The program is turning into something magical…a space and time for people to simply breathe, be, unravel, experience nature, feel joy, go inward, go outward, process as much (or as little) as desired and lean into a full-on-stillness-of-mind.

And this isn’t about selling Marfa! It’s about bringing more peace, joy and magic into the world. Yes…that’s what I said and what I meant. Peace, joy and magic. (I mean, we need to balance out this craziness somehow.🙏🏻)

Consider me to be your guide, your co-creator, your hospitable friend who is at your service!

All activities are optional meaning each “Camper” essentially designs their own program based on their own needs…whether it’s solitude, activity, quiet-time, people-time and/or a combination-of-it-all.

Activities include hiking Big Bend National Park, e-biking, painting, Chinati and Judd Foundation Tours, sunrises and sunsets, horseback riding, baby-goat-feeding, adobe building, local food, local music, meditation, yoga, stain glass work…you get to sign up for some or all!

The costs depends on how much or how little you “sign up” for!

The first offering is April 27th through May 3rd.

The second is June 8th through June 14th.

If you are interested send me an email at CampMarfa@gmail.com. I can share more details (and there’s no expectation attached to that.)

I’m kind of excited, can you tell?

Photo by Ash McCue. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻