Today was a good day.

A good day for me means slow pace, a decent bike ride, kids are okay, dogs all getting along, clean clothes and grocery shopping.

I don’t know why…maybe it’s age…but lately I’ve noticed that my brain overloads more easily with too much stimulation. It literally feels like the neurons in my noggin are sayin’, “Hey. Listen up Molly. We’ve worked so hard your whole life thinking up stuff and trying to make sense of everything…and we’re tired. Honestly sis, we just got no more juice to pull that off. At this moment, all we can manage is what’s there right in front of you.”

I wonder if that’s actually their sneaky way of making sense of everything.

It’s raining and TJ is happy with a new toy. Pixie is hiding under the bed (she’s not a fan of thunderstorms) and Abigail is in a state of bliss with a full belly.

I have friends coming over with pizza and I’m making a salad.