I’m writing to you from an airplane. I am on my way, via Dallas, to Sacramento. I will arrive in Sacramento at 11:00 west coast time. That’s about 2:00 a.m. mine! I will be sleeping like a baby…on my way there, but in the meantime wanted to drop in here for a minute.

I get so many amazing cards and letters from so many amazing people: girls, moms, dads, teachers, GOTR coaches, school principals, funders and sponsors. So, I’ve decided that from time to time, I need to share more of other people’s beautiful words here.

So today, I share a letter I recently received from Diane O’Brien. There is very little else I need to say…except…thank you Diane for sharing your heart, spirit and love with the Girls of the World.

Hi Molly,

You have made such an impact on my two daughters, as they have been part of Girls on the Run for the past few years. I was at Henderson High School for the run yesterday- our Schuylkill team opened with the song before your speech.

So, I just want to say thank you, as the GOTR lessons have become part of our dinner conversations and Race Day has brought our family and our Phoenixville Community closer together.

Last night I was reading about the work the CNN reporter Christiane Amanpour is doing for her project “Girls Rising.” They offered a platform to help empower young girls around the globe thru an “Open Letter to Girls of the World.”

When I read the words, “Girls of the World,” I immediately thought how powerful thoughts from “Girls on the Run” could be to less privileged “Girls of the World.”

I’m not a poet, but these words quickly came to mind, and I offer them as a THANK YOU gift for your work. You are one of the Warrior Angels I thought of in writing this poem. I hope you enjoy and thanks again for your bravery!

To all the Girls of the World, who have been kept down for too long

To all the Girls of the World, who have been waiting to be strong

To the brave Girls and smart Girls, and the Girls who never give up hope,

Hear us today, and let our love be your guiding rope

There are other Girls, just like you, living in places far away on our earth.

Girls who have dreams that pray along with you, asking to feel their true worth

You are not alone, even when life seems so bleak,

Others will push you down, they make you think that you are weak.

But your power is so strong, you’re no longer to believe their lies

The light of your soul is shining, it will no longer be denied.

Yes, there will be obstacles, and outdated laws to overcome.

But laws not made from love, are not to last for very long.

The Girls of the World are smart, and these Warrior Angels are growing fast

We hear your cries for help, and the time has come to pass

You need to know we love you, and you and I are quite the same.

We want to love, and be loved, and be free to yell out our name.

It’s good to listen to your heart, and for you to know what is true.

You know what is right, and what the world needs from you.

It’s what you wish for yourself, and all of those who you love,

And the Girls of the World love each other,

A deeper sense we all share from above.

Girls of the World, Meet Girls on the Run

An introduction we’ve been waiting to make.

Pull together now, and get ready to go

There is no more time to waste.

Education is the key and your sisters are the door

It’s time to be a Girl on the Run, and learn how to run from being poor

Find a friend near by, it only takes another girl or two,

Power in numbers will give you back, what was once taken away from you

Girls of the World are Girls on the Run,

A sisterhood we hold so dear,

We are here to help guide you

There is no more room for fear.

Girls of the world need connection,

To be shown how to thrive

A pathway forged by your sisters

Your sisters abroad that will help you strive.

These words are only a beginning

A simple thought and message we hope finds you true

Girls of the World, now is your time

We look forward to meeting you!

All the Best, Molly. And I hope we can take GOTR Global.

Diane O’Brien