Kids get it. 

They just do. 

Last night I spoke at Alfred University. 
Amazing interaction with an audience full of grown ups, college students and Girls on the Run folks. (Including a bunch of kids.)

At some point I talked about my 2014 trip across America, documenting the remarks of hundreds of Americans as I asked them “What do you think is going on in these highly polarized United States.”

After I had finished that portion of my speech…I stopped and asked…”So what do you think happened? Why were people so willing to talk with each other so openly? What was the magic?”

Here we are in a packed room of “big people” when one of the youngest, a GOTR girl raised her hand. 

“You were curious! You wanted to hear what they had to say!”


Then another GOTR girl…”There was so much to learn. You wanted to learn!”


Super girls at it again. 

Our children are watching. 
Remember that.