The Wisdom Stories

I am thrilled to share that my third book is finally finished.  Would you like a copy?  Then order one!

Here’s the link: —> I WANT A BOOK!

Park Road Books also has signed copies in stock.  They are located at Park Road Shopping Center, 4139 Park Rd, Charlotte, NC 28209.
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As the founder of Girls on the Run and the Red Boot Way,  I’ve had the good fortune to experience truly pivotal moments in the lives of many, many people. I am also the single mom, to two extremely creative and independent kids. This coupled with founding two successful non-profits has taken me on one heckuva messy, fun, scary, up and down and allover-the-place professional and personal roller coaster ride!

The “Wisdom Stories” are a collection of essays about the interesting people I’ve met over the course of my life and how those small and sometimes momentary connections can have great impact.

As one reader shared, “Each story inspires me to remember that positive change doesn’t come only from earth-shattering events; but also in the tiny moments of connection.  I may not be able to do BIG things, but I can do small things that over time, make a big difference.”

Another reader writes, “I’ve just finished reading “The Wisdom Stories.”  Some I’ve read on Molly’s blog and others are new to me.  All of them are beautiful.  Each story has a light and a spirit and is real, edgy and a bit ragged.”

Another writes, “The Wisdom Stories” shows us how tying together the smallest flashes of empathy and connection, is what moves things forward, shakes up mindsets and awakens people.  This book gives me hope to never give up; to be more curious about the people and ideas I tend to resist.”

And last one, “There’s nothing grandiose or over-the-top about Molly Barker’s book, “The Wisdom Stories.”  And that’s what makes it special.  In a world where being loud and divisive wins the attention of the mainstream and social media outlets, Molly’s book is a reminder that it’s during those quiet and sometimes humorous moments of deep connection, transformation can take place.”

And remember, I am also happy to speak to your group. Speaking is one of my favorite things to do.  Contact me and the team at

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