I have a big kid that lives in my heart. She loves symbolism and magic!

And so it’s no surprise THIS amazing bird shows up in my yard everyday.

Yep everyday!!!! I saw her when I first arrived. She is a roadrunner. Her nest sits in some high brush off the side of my driveway, tucked up underneath a tree.

She appears generally around 10 am, nonchalantly walks around the yard, up to my window and then settles into her comfy little nest.

For the run of it (😂😂😂😂😂) I looked up “Roadrunner” and found this:

“Roadrunners are important spirit animals in Native American folklore, especially for Pueblo tribes. Hopi, Anasazi and Mogollon people have all admired roadrunners and believed these interesting birds have special powers.

Pueblo Indians believe roadrunners chase away evil spirits. Roadrunner footprints come in an atypical X shape, which was associated with the idea of confusing malignant forces and making them get lost.

Native American tribes have always had great respect for roadrunners. They believe this bird brings good fortune, while, at the same time, makes evil forces go away;

Pueblo cultures used roadrunner feathers as a lucky charm. They would use these feathers to decorate babies’ cradles, in order to get magical protection from the Roadrunner spirit.

In Mexico, seeing a roadrunner is believed to be good omen.

And then this:

“Roadrunner spirit is a positive force that reminds people of happiness and joy.

They symbolize intelligence and courage, the ability to face dangers and difficulties with a positive attitude.

These spirits radiate optimism and good vibrations, helping us achieve our goals by listening to both our instincts and mind.

Roadrunners also bring luck and fortune, so it is good to have them as spirit animal and totem.”

Well, what say you Madam Universe? I’ll take it!