So…the Red Boot Ride is shaping up.

50 50 boot

As many of you know I’m heading out on a month-long journey in August. Details to follow, but I’ve made a decision to pinpoint particular cities along the way. In addition to meeting with fabulous folks who “chance” happens to bring onto my path…I’d like to engage small groups of folks in dialogue around co-creating a paradigm shift in how we view political leadership….in other words introduce a new conversation into politics that recognizes what I see as a real yearning, by the American Public, for political leaders who are driven not to win, but to impact.

These “new” candidates are the innovators, the social entrepreneurs, the changemakers, the open-hearted and the vulnerable…a set of very brave and very dedicated individuals who are committed to finding solutions not by holding firm to any particular agenda, party platform or ideology, but by engaging diverse groups of individuals (basically the people they serve) to explore and create new solutions to age-old problems…people to whom we can all relate because of their willingness to be human, humble and transparent.

I believe that change begins first with a vision, but in order to bring any vision to reality, we must bring it from the mind’s eye into form through words.

If you are reading this and something in it resonates with you and you’d be interested in pulling together a small (or large) group of folks to help “craft” the words for this American Leadership Vision, please message or comment here. I will be determining my route along with stops…in the next four weeks.

Why this matters? I guess to many folks it doesn’t matter and that’s totally cool. But it matters to me because inevitably I believe, deep down in my heart, that the leaders of any nation, represent the soul of it’s people. And based on the many beautiful and truly empowered people in my life, who, with love, strength, compassion and humility, bring about transformative and action-oriented solutions to many of our world’s most pressing challenges, I do not believe the current leadership represents this kind of “soul.”

This is not a right or a wrong “thing.” I just think things have gotten very lopsided and I believe that “righting” the balance is not only necessary, but a journey I find highly intriguing and if truth be told, downright fun.

Imagine…Joy! Innovation! Courage! Humility! Love! Leadership!