(If you are new to the Naked Face Conversation, please check out the “details page” or www.thenakedfaceproject.com.  Caitlin and I set off on this journey February 1st and are rounding out our sixty days.  I liken it to going on a two month “wilderness course” but in my daily life!

I am just loving the conversation this whole project is bringing to our cultural “stage.”

Let me reiterate there is no right or wrong here…but simply a journey to explore why…

I’ve always been such a curious person… ever since I was a kid.

The conversations have been everything from light-hearted (Some women LOVE their makeup because its fun and something to have fun with, celebrate with and “decorate with”) to heavier (I’m afraid to go out without it, I would lose my job, I can’t get a job without it, I don’t like….just fill in the blank, we’ve heard it all.)

What follows is a local Charlotte blog-show hosted by Bobby DeMuro that covers a bit of the heavier side of the conversation..  I appreciate his candor and the candor of the women on the show with me.


I do think it’s important to share with you the context and world I see through.  I work with girls…young girls…girs right there at the crossroads between girlhood and womanhood.  When a child asks me a question of any kind…I take that question very seriously.   It is from the question of a small child, that Caitilin and I set of on this journey.

I’ve learned a lot.  I’ve learned a lot about myself, others and the challenges all women, from 8 years old t0 88 years old deal with as they explore this lifelong journey we call “being human.”

I love working with kids…they are just so real, so honest, so open, so beautiful.

And I would say the same to you…right now, right here, right this minute…you are beautiful just the way you are (with a full-on face of the stuff or naked faced. )  The beauty I’m talking about is what you received long before you came here.  It is found in the soul, the essence, the spirit of you.  The big, bold and bodacious you.  The real, authentic and genuine you.  The you I see, everytime I look into the eyes of an 8 year old girl.