Alright sisters and brothers :)…so we are coming up on our last week “NAKED-FACED.”  The journey has been enlightening as well as conversational.  Thousands and thousands have talked about it in their local towns and communities…across the globe.  Radio stations have done entire morning shows around the concept, morning talk shows, conversations in the gym, around the dining room table, girl’s night out, in the carpool on the way to work…this has been quite a journey!

Through the process, Caitilin and I have developed a truly open and honest friendship. We have talked about so much…frustration, fear, hope, joy and love.  We both feel like there has got to be some way to use all that conversation…not just between us, but the ones that have occured between all of us…in a positive way…an empowering way…a compassionate way…a connected way.

So here goes:

I’d like to invite YOU to take part in the Naked Face Project Celebration for just ONE DAY.

Our last day of the project is March 31st, 2012…this Saturday…and we would love for you to give it a shot.  We know you can do it…one day to experience yourself in all your full and fabulous “HERE I AM WORLD” glory!  One day to truly focus on the awesomeness, amazingness and fabulosity (another made up word…I love these) of being you, us, women, girls, men, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, TOGETHER.

So remember…none of the Naked Face Project has been (nor is this celebration) about condemning or demonizing any beauty products (or of course the people who enjoy using them.)  It’s about taking one day out of our own lives…just one…to symbolically broaden our culture’s and society’s view of girls and women to include a bigger and more enriching picture of WHO we are and the gifts, talents, passion, strength and courage we bring to the world.

Consider this, therefore, an invitation.  No pressure whatsoever.  We’ve just had such fun with it, learned so much and have been so deeply impacted by all the amazing women who have shared their stories with us…we wanted to invite YOU to participate even if in a very small (and positive) way.

So…here we go.  Share in whatever capacity you wish, but join us and let’s use all that beautiful strength of ours to support our little “sisters,” each other and the world in which we live!

Feel free to cut and paste any portion of or all of this, into any kind of blog, document, facebook post, anywhere to encourage others to get on board.  And please, let me know how it goes.  Share, share, share!

To show my support of all the spirited, courageous and brilliant 8 year old girls of the world (including the spirited, courageous and brilliant one who lives in me), I am going to participate in the “Naked Face Project Celebration” for one entire day– March 31st.  I do this as a symbolic gesture…to bring attention to a broader, bigger, fuller, more empowered view of girls/women than is frequently portrayed in the media, our culture and society .  I want the world to see just how beautiful, strong, confident and connected girls and women can be and really ARE…everyone of us, no matter our age, our ethnicity, where we live in the world or our upbringing.  We are all beautiful, strong and remarkable in our own unique way!

I am choosing to participate in the Naked Face Project Celebration as a way to honor the strength, confidence, authenticity, wonder and beauty of all the amazing 8 year old girls in the world (and the one who still lives in me) by doing one or more of the following on March 31st!


  • Post a profile pic of myself on Facebook, Twitter or some other social media website, Naked Faced.
  • Write about it on my blog.
  • Invite all my friends and colleagues to participate.
  • Write a letter (or post on their website) to a magazine or television network and let them know you’d like to see more positive messages about girls and women in their publications and on their airwaves.
  • Take an 8 year old out to dinner and tell her how beautiful and amazing she is.
  • Take an 80 year old out to dinner and tell her how beautiful and amazing she is.
  • Send a thank you card to my mother for all she means to me.
  • Send a thank you card to my daughter for all she means to me.
  • Watch shows that portray women and girls in a positive light.  (This means turning off most reality television.)
  • Put away all pop-culture magazines that make fun of or judge women (including celebrities, they are after all girls and women too!) based on their appearance, and find something else to read that shows how strong women and girls really are.
  • Write a letter to a woman in politics and thank her for her service.  (For full effect, write someone who runs for office on the party ticket…you are NOT a member of.)
  • Volunteer somewhere.
  • Go for a run.
  • Post an Operation Beautiful Sticky note. (
  • Take an hour to just be alone and be quiet.
  • Sweat.
  • Practice yoga.
  • Do some kind of sport I have never done, but always wanted to.
  • Lift some weights.
  • Wear a costume for no reason.
  • Admit, at last, that I’ve been wanting to run for political office and do something about it.
  • Cook a great meal and eat it with your family on the floor of your living room, picnic style.
  • Have a sleepover.
  • Research girls’ empowerment programs and reach out to set up time to volunteer.  (Girls on the Run, Girl Scouts, Girls, Inc, to name a few.)
  • Write a letter to my younger self and post it on my refrigerator.
  • Skip somewhere.
  • Do something outside my comfort zone.
  • Smile really big at everyone I pass today.
  • Dance and sing really loudly in the car. (Windows down for full effect.)
  • Make a card for someone and deliver it personally.

What have I missed?  What else should be on this list?  Please keep your remarks to a G rating…as there may be a lot of awesome, fabulous young girls who visit here as well!