An observation about living in a town with 1700 people that covers 1.5 square miles. 

It’s impossible to dehumanize a person. That’s because everyone is your neighbor and the likelihood of seeing them over and over is about 100 percent. 

Everybody knows everybody. 

Yesterday while waiting to get my P.O. Box (Marfa does not have a mail delivery system) I met the chief of police and another police officer. 

The officer handed me his card. “Call anytime you need help.”

The woman in line behind me shared that “Marfa is not the place to come if you want to be invisible.”

(Oh the irony angels are singing now! 😂😂😂😂)

There’s two grocery stores, one post office, four police officers, a couple coffee shops, one blinking red light at a four-way stop and two gyms. 

I don’t believe there is another car like mine. Especially like mine with NC tags. Which means I’m easily identifiable. 

I am also an outsider, at least for now and so I find myself treading lightly…observing, being, respecting, allowing. Trust isn’t a given. 

No one knows what roles or “things” I’ve accomplished in life (at least for now) and the truth is, I’m not sure anyone would care. (I like this actually.)

I am what I am right now at this moment. There is no past nor future but ironically there is no anonymity. 

My guess is my roles will follow me but I don’t think any of that matters here. 

Actions speak louder than words in a town like this. 

I met my next door neighbor. She’s lived here for most of her life. 

Today I will be baking some cookies and dropping them off at her house. Her kids and their kids are joining her for Christmas. 

This will be the first time I’ve ever baked cookies for a neighbor. 

Makes me wonder why I haven’t done this before. I guess it doesn’t really matter. I’m doing it now. 

Good morning my friends.