I will be turning 58 in September.

In honor of this lovely milestone 🙂 I am staging my own little aging-revolution and am training hard for the first time since 1996, to compete at a national level.

The race? The Time Trial.

For those of you who don’t know, the Time Trial is called “The Race of Truth.”  Basically, each rider is set-to-go with a minute or half-minute interval between them.  Drafting is not allowed and the goal is to cover the “scheduled” distance as fast as you possibly can. Basically, it’s each rider against the clock…or with the clock depending on perspective.

I will not be running until after the big events, focusing exclusively on cycling.  This will be a first for me…as running has always been the go-to back-up for me.

I gotta tell ya…I feel really good, really healthy and I’m excited to see what my (older) body is capable of pulling off.

This is the year of balance for me.  Self-care and boundaries balanced out with doing good for and with others.  Returning to my highly competitive roots is a form of self-care and the kick-ass  attitude balances out my compassionate side in a positive way.

The yin and yang, yall.  (Say that fast, three times.)

training march 5