I have not yet met Charles Malone in person, but I do believe this man and I…this human and I…the two of us are indeed kindred spirits.

Charles sent this along…his words. They moved me. i thought they might move you too.  

“I think it is no accident that the most successful movements since the Second World War for social justice–those lead by Gandhi and King–were based on love. 

Love took form, then, through civil disobedience, which extended an implicit salute to those in power, no matter their sins. This kind of protest confused the powerful, making it impossible for them to convince the mass of people that the dissenters were their enemies.  

It is my view that the protests of today, both left and right, lack any element of love, so why should we be surprised that their attraction is limited to just their own true believers. 

Hammering to bend the arch of justice by the anvil of love is a journey on an uphill road with many curves and reverses. But it is a road heading in the right direction. It is a road with no detours. It is a road with no end. It is a road that is an end in itself.”

I am inviting you to join me and others. Please mark your calendars in advance for the evening of September 17th. I will be guiding a Red Boot Meeting…with a “talk-back” by Red Boot Coalition regulars.  

6 pm to 8 pm. 

Charlotte, NC. 

I am challenging our leaders to attend…to set aside their agendas, listen with their whole heart and see the humanity in all who attend. 

As your guide I promise (using the Red Boot guidelines) to hold the space…keep it safe. This is not about blaming, fixing, correcting. This is about sharing with each other the challenges we face daily to listen, to see and to honor each other. 

The fantastic Jeff Jackson (Jeff Jackson – NC Senate District 37) has agreed to attend. 

Pat McCrory, you and I have worked on numerous projects together. Won’t you join us?  

Jennifer Watson Roberts? Vi Lyles? Parks Helms? Senator Richard Burr? Senator Thom Tillis? Congressman Robert Pittenger?

Jane Campbell for N.C. House – District 98…any other candidates?

Others? Will you help spread the word? This is not about politics. This is about something so Great I don’t know what word to give it. 😀

Location to be announced. 

We will be sharing and listening on Steps 1 and 7. See the attached.

Please RSVP to us at info@theredcootcoalition.