She’s Not Fat, She’s Big Boned

“Heaven’s, no.  That girl isn’t fat.  She’s big-boned.”  Overheard at my gym. Do I dare do it?  The topic is kind of scary.  Actually it can sometimes be taboo.  But I’m going to go for it because…well…because I have to for me, you and the girls in Girls on the Run. Obesity. Yep that’s right.  […]

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Day 8

Why are hugs something we are wired to need?  Why are hugs so important to our social, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual development?  Basically, what’s up with the power of THE hug? I remember when I was about 40…my 78 year-old Mom shared something with me I have never forgotten. A hug. This wasn’t any […]

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Day Six

Why do certain advertisements have such a powerful effect on me? How can I move past allowing them to affect me in such a negative and disturbing way?  What can I learn from my response to the cultural images we see in the media regarding women? We are in-between days of hosting a Girls on […]

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Day 5

Why do we have pet peeves?  What do our pet peeves tell about us?  What can we learn from our pet peeves? According to, a pet peeve is a “recurring source of irritation.”  I’ve always been a bit entertained by my pet peeves…curious about why certain things drive ME up the wall, but don’t […]

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Day 4

What’s up with eye contact?  Why is eye contact something we avoid (or don’t avoid.)  What’s really going on when we “contact someone with our eyes?” Alright…I admit it.  Nothing earth-shattering about this question, but I have always been intrigued with the power of eye contact. Two stories come to mind: 1.)  In my early […]

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Day 3

Why has “quiet” been so difficult for me?  Why, as I age, do I seek to find it more often? I have two teenage children.  One is fifteen and the other is twelve.  I’m amazed by the amount of noise two individuals can create and find. The moment we hop in the car, the radio […]

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Day 2

What really is going on with a coincidence?  I mean…isn’t it kind of weird when they actually occur? co-in-ci-dence:  a striking occurrence of two or more events at one time apparently by mere chance. Yesterday, my daughter, a friend of hers and I went to our local mall.  While the two of them went for […]

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Day 1

Why does starting something often feel like such a challenge?  Why is “the beginning” always so daunting? I practice yoga almost five days a week.  I’m a recent yoga convert, having been a runner for most of my life up until about a year ago. Running provided for me, and still does (just not as […]

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