Molly as a Speaker

One of Molly’s greatest passions is public speaking. Topics include women’s empowerment, cultivating resilience, best practices in founding and sustaining social and entrepreneurial business, overcoming addiction, coping with trauma, non traditional parenting strategies, and the power of silence and solitude in an overly social-media-ed world.  

Molly is not a “canned” speaker.  After consulting with you and your team on desired audience takeaways, Molly crafts a speech/presentation that is meaningful, impactful, and ON TOPIC for your audience. 

molly on stage

As Seen In

Molly Barker in Forbes Magazine
Molly Barker in The Washington Post
Molly Barker in Fast Company Magazine
Molly Barker in Redbook Magazine
Molly Barker in Runner's World Magazine
Molly Barker in Women's Running Magazine
Molly Barker in Medium
Molly Barker in Inkandescent Women Magazine

Molly is a bold storyteller, unabashed in her truth-telling.

With a background in social work and teaching, by sharing life-changing lessons from her personal journey of overcoming addiction and embracing self-discovery, Molly inspires you to consider the power of one person to make a significant difference.  Authentic, candid and relatable on stage, she leaves audiences with a deeper awareness of the world, as well as creative strategies for channeling passions into innovative solutions for your team, organization or community.

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Molly puts words to things I have been feeling my whole life, yet not able to articulate. Her stories resonate with me at a personal and professional level.