Does anybody remember “Soffe” Brand shorts?

The girls called them “Soffes.”

They were extremely popular in the late 90’s and early ’00’s. Girls would roll the waist band down and pull the shorts up high so that, at times, a portion of one’s backside would emerge. ❤️💜💚

Helen was a small human when they reached their peak in popularity. 

She was about six when she got her first pair. They were adorable on her. She would roll up that waist band and bounce around like a bouncy fairy…a pair of Soffes in nearly every color. 

At the time I was dating a fellow who had daughters a few years older…budding teenagers actually. And just like little Helen, they too, would roll that waist band down, hike those shorts up and bounce around a bit, just as Helen did. 

Things got interesting when he and I had a discussion about whether or not those shorts were too short, too provocative and had too much hint of a backside showing. 

I was conflicted. We were conflicted. Why did we pose this question of ourselves with HIS older daughters but not so with Helen?

I am reminded of the time I got a phone call from a GOTR mom who was conflicted about whether or not to buy the pack of thong underwear, her fifth grade daughter wanted so so SO badly for her 11th birthday. 

I don’t have an answer. 

On the one hand I’m all about people expressing themselves. Sagged britches, tattoos, funky hair, piercings…you know I am someone who is curious about all that. 

But when does it cross a line? And whose line are we talking about? Your line or my line? When does it become an issue of such distraction for others that it interferes with being seen for ourselves? Or is it in fact, one way TO BE SEEN as ourselves. 

I’ve been the kind of person that, for the most part, hasn’t let “things” get in the way of my interaction with others…for “the most part” being the operative words! It’s so easy to judge, box in, label someone based on the way they show up. On the other hand, some folks (my children at times being two of those 🙏) go to great extremes to make a statement with how they show up.  

Being a spirit AND being human is so freakin’ amazing and confusing isn’t it?  

Being the parent to one? Oh my gursh. Let’s talk sometime.