One of the things I most love about Far West Texas (and perhaps my greatest takeaway) is daily access to a big sky.

No buildings to interfere. No forests. (I am not dissing forests.)

Just wide, open land surrounded by mountains that provide depth and context.

Standing in these spaces reminds me of how insignificant I am. I think it’s fairly universal that as a person ages, we find some comfort in that. Or maybe I should speak for myself. No longer driven by cultural expectations, I just am.

I don’t have big dreams anymore and while that might sound sad, it’s not. It’s liberating. It allows me to enthusiastically live in this moment. This one. Right here. There is a child-like wonder rising.

Today I had to rewrite my bio for a project I’m working on.

And it made me smile. Something about putting my whole life into two paragraphs.

And it felt about right-sized these days.