red boot ride 2015 title

Here it is.  This year’s Red Boot Ride awaits and it requires your participation.  As in I really need you to make this all happen.

• The journey will take place from July 7th to August 4th.

• And yes…once again, I will be renting a convertible for the trip. I am after all, a blonde-Southern-middle-aged-cowboy-boot-wearing-white-woman.  Mustang convertibles were designed for people like me

• Starting now through June 10th, write me at and share the story of one person who deeply influenced the path your life has taken.  I am calling the subject of your essays the “Ripple People.”  They are real, honest, gritty and authentic.  They leave a wake of wonder and love behind them.

(Of course, we can all name those folks who may have inadvertently influenced us in a negative way with an unintended unkind word or even an intended one. I’m not looking for those people.)

I’m looking for that person, who with the smallest of actions unknowingly set your life on a course that forever changed you…a course for which you feel an immense amount of gratitude…a course that has undoubtedly freed you to be the person you are today.

Maybe it was the housekeeper at your elementary school, who comforted you one afternoon when you were crying.

Maybe it was the teacher, who believed in you and expected nothing short of extraordinary.

Maybe it was your first boss who, over a simple cup of coffee one day, encouraged you to think bigger about your future.

I want to hear about THOSE people, who by just living and going about their daily lives, changed yours.

• Your essays need to be in by June 10th.  I will then select 15 to 20 of these life-changing “Ripple People” and hit the road, July 7th through August 4th, to meet them.  If your “essay” was selected, I hope you will join me.  We can all sit down, over a cup of coffee, a good meal or a long walk and get to know each other—for you, again, and for me, the first time. It will be, I imagine, a time of tender thanks and gentle remembering.

I will share these encounters by writing about them and (if I can get one of my teenaged children to show me) filming them.

• In between these scheduled and more structured stops, I’ll be asking people in coffee shops, restaurants, gyms and convenience stores to tell me about one of their “Ripple People.”  Who knows what we will see, uncover, experience and learn over the course of these four weeks?

• So, Let’s Do This.  Send in your essays to

As a quick sidebar…in some instances the subject of your essay may have passed away.  Their story is still worth telling…so I’ll figure that out somehow.  As a matter of fact, all the stories you guys send in, will find space in this journey.   Just not quite sure how yet.

Any questions?  Write ‘em here or email them along with your essay at

Oh Goodness…what have I gotten myself into this go ‘round.  I’m sure whatever it is, it’s really, really good and its chock full of love.  Cause that’s how this all works.  Remember?