Red Boot Coalition

Rather than fill you up with Red Boot thoughts here, I’d like to refer you to our actual Facebook and website

This effort came out of my attempt to start a new program that would bring joy, compassion and love to politics. After nearly a year of attempting to “found” this new program, I couldn’t continue. The essence of who I am was beginning to dim and I realized that I had a tremendous responsibility to the children in my life (including my own) to stay true to who and what I’m all about.

I pulled the plug on it and several days later the Red Boot Coalition found me…my heart was open, my imagination free, and my spirit high.

So join us…won’t you. Where Love Leads and Spirits Thrive…

Red Boots strong coffee change the world banner



3 Responses to Red Boot Coalition

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  2. Tammy says:

    Just saw you at Executive woman’s day. A WOW moment for me. I loved your stories, your path, your truth, even though parts were uncomfortable for me. Maybe too close to my own mistakes, and past discretions.
    Thank you!

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