A few thoughts that randomly passed through my brain today:

1. My age is inappropriate for my behavior. 

2. I don’t want things and all the things that come with having things anymore and actually get scared sometimes that maybe I’m losing touch with reality. 

3. I can no longer tell peoples’ ages. Except for maybe little kids. I ask them to smile and can predict their age based on how many teeth they have loose or are missing. 😂😂😂😂

4. I’ve decided that running in a jog bra and shorts, with an Olivia Newton John bandana on my head (remember “Let’s Get Physical”) is the most perfect and delicious way to say FU to the advertising agencies and cosmetic companies that try to make money off of me because I am getting older. 

5. I’ve finally, yes FINALLY, decided to give up on the highlights and am actually totally stoked to see what color my hair really is.  

6. I now appreciate beauty rather than want to be beautiful. 

7. I’m totally amazed by babies and their little tiny hands. I marvel at all the millions of things that had to go just right, for those teeny tiny fingers to be formed. 

8. When I embrace resistance and discomfort…they magically go away. 

9. I am grateful my children have only known me post-getting-sober. 

10. I no longer feel some kinda way about Sundays. I love them as much as I love every other day of the week. 

There ya have it.