I swear, if I could wear my pajamas everywhere I would.

I remember when my kids were little, they had a variety of themed pajamas…Hank’s favorite was Spider Man.  He would wear those everywhere…and I was okay with that.

Pajamas are just so…loose…soft…comfortable.

I’m currently down in Tampa, Florida for our annual Girls on the Run summit.  After a full day Saturday of speaking at events in Sarasota and Tampa (both were absolutely amazing :)) I went straight to my hotel and put on the standard Molly-issue plaid flannel pajamas.

Liz, our President at Girls on the Run, and I were going to grab room service, in her room and go over the summit schedule and make sure we were ready, set, go.  Her room only being one floor down, I decided to just go in my pajamas.

BUT, of course, while waiting for the elevator, it opens and seven of my Girls on the Run colleagues, who are attending the summit, were getting OFF the elevator, headed to dinner.

I’ve noticed several other times when I’ve tried to sneak around in my pajamas I seem to always get caught.  Maybe, I’m here to serve the world as the pajama-wearing professional woman.

But it got me thinking.  What other “stuff” do kids do that, if we did, we might just have more fun and get along a lot better.

So here goes:  Top ten list of things all kids do that we adults should take a gander at…and consider adding to our weekly repertoire.

1.)  Wear your favorite super hero costume for no reason.  Show up at work, the drug store, grocery shopping…in your favorite.  The world needs super heroes. Be one.

2.)  Sing with the earbuds to your I-pod, in.  Do this with a tremendous amount of volume.  Not of your I-pod…but of your singing voice.  Do this everywhere or anywhere.  No one is paying attention…or at least you don’t think so.

3.)  Race people.  Whatever they are doing, challenge them to race it.  This may include eating, drinking a large glass of milk, getting to the car, getting dressed, reciting your ABC’s.  A healthy dose of daily competition prepares you for the real world.  We can’t win ALL the time.

4.)  When eating out, ask for the kids menu (that has the cool pictures on it that you can color) and the crayons that go with it.  Color while you wait for your meal.  (For added fun, color outside the lines.)

5.)  Wear sneakers a lot.  The BEST sneakers are those you have colored on.

6.)  Hold people’s hands.  It IS a good idea to be sure that you know the person, but if you like them, hold their hand.  You can do this anywhere.  Going on a run, shopping, watching TV.

7.)  Enjoy the benefits of nature.  This means not using an umbrella; not wearing a winter coat when it is 25 degrees outside; setting up a lemonade stand in the 98 degree heat;  jumping unabashedly into a large pile of leaves that your neighbor spent an entire saturday neatly arranging in their front yard.

8.) Pass notes during meetings.  The content of the notes, however, is not about the meeting, but about other stuff…like what you are going to wear tomorrow or your latest celebrity crush.

9.)  Do a handstand or cart wheel when you feel like it.

10.)  Tell someone, other than a family member you love ’em.  For added fun, send it in a note with a picture you have drawn.  Even better, include puffy glue and sparkly stuff on the paper, and mis-spell the words for added impact.

Now I recognize that if we adults did these things on any regular basis, we would be considered a bit odd,  but I do wonder what might happen…if, for the fun of it…you just tried ONE of these.  I mean really…who is going to care if you ask for the kids menu or you make a card for someone you love.

The older I get the more child-like I become.  I think I’m finally figuring out that child-like means joyful, present and alive…and who wouldn’t want THAT!

Go on now…I’ll race ya!