Day 22

Last week, Girls on the Run International hosted a continuing education program for about 18 of our current directors.  These amazing women came to Charlotte, NC to spend two days with the GOTR International staff, to hear about new programs, procedures and operational changes as well as share their experience, strength and hope for the […]

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Day 21

Not sure why my absence has been so long.  I find that periodically I go into a reclusive space when it comes to creative thought…as if the neurons in my brain simply have to rest, realign and begin a new series of connections. I’ve learned simply to lean into this space rather than fight it. […]

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Day 20

Politics, Running and World Peace   There is this point in every marathon where it hurts. I don’t care if you’ve trained for a year, two years or many. Somewhere between 17 and 23 miles there is this point where things just hurt, plain and simple. The body says no. I’m done. Kaput. It’s over. […]

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Day 19

He Sits at the Booth in Hooters I founded Girls on the Run to provide girls with the tools to intentionally seek people, activities and circumstances that celebrate who they are rather than how they look.My son Hank was only 11 months-old when I piloted Girls on the Run.  I’m constantly amazed by his incredible […]

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Day 18

Me Against the Tortilla Bowl. What role does food play in your life?   I’m going to just go there. Come on. I haven’t visited a hot topic in a while. So, here it is. Food. Yep, that’s right. Food. We all have a relationship with it…kind of like a family member. We bring her […]

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Day 17

So…I have had what feels like a permanent creative BLOCK to writing pieces for this blog.  Yesterday I figured out why.  Writing for me is a space where I explore and frequently revel in the joyful state I’m now calling the “nothingness”–that state in which I feel completely connected to the present moment.  I’m not […]

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Day 16

So, I’m not comfortable writing about this.  For some reason I’m very uncomfortable with the topic…what is the topic?  Mean, spiteful, (what appears to be) evil-spirited bullying behavior. Let me first own up to the fact that, I’m human, and as hard as I try to root my intentions in love, I occasionally miss the […]

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