She Chose

I really, really like this poem…and so I thought I would share it with you.  She Chose She realized she had this one. This big, bold, and beautiful life. And she realized she didn’t want to live it chasing and crying and apologizing. Starving and fearing and regretting. She realized she wanted to live it […]

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Being Me. 

There was this weird moment when I figured out that all the boxes I had tried so hard to fit into with absolute perfection…the girl box, the wife box, the leader box, the mom box…were all just imaginary.  And that being myself in each moment…my messy, broken, whole, beautiful, gifted, complete self…was enough.  I have […]

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Feeling Safe

“To me, it’s being in a place where they can be themselves.”   That’s my good friend Sil Ganzó…and nope…she is not talking about Girls on the Run…(but she could be right?) She’s talking about Our Bridge an organization she heads up that provides after school and life skills training for immigrant kids.  I’ve known […]

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I think I’ve found my new church. And it’s not what you think. (Lol) It’s holy because Yulonda works there and the food? It warms my soul. The table cloths are plastic and checkered; and the ketchup’s in squeezie bottles…and when the ketchup gets low…the noise it makes? Well…it reminds me of my weekly dates […]

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This is what someone looks like after they’ve attended four Red Boot Meetings in three days and about to hit my fifth! I just left the grocery store and in less than three minutes at the check out…made three new friends…Treasure, Shandra and Maria.  We decided that everyone in the world needs to wear a […]

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I am Homicide. 

Let’s talk for a minute about tenderness, kindness and connection.  Yesterday I was having lunch with my good friend Garry McFadden. For those of you don’t know him…he’s kinda a big deal. (Although he is too humble to EVER admit it. ❤️) Garry is a retired CMPD homicide detective who continues to do some contract […]

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True story.  It is a Tuesday night and fourteen people have gathered to learn about the Red Boot Coalition. We are in a circle.  All are white, wealthy and executives in my city’s top firms.  It is our first time together and we are pondering the question that goes with The Red Boot Coalition’s first […]

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