Thinking out loud on a Monday mornin’… From where I sit, this old political narrative that has us choosing from just two “lists”…is totally off rails right now. Top if off with how we’ve woven shame and judgment into the mix…I mean come on…who really wants to be a part of that? I believe there […]

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I Want to Do Better. 

This right here is what’s happening. I remember when Helen was only 11, she overheard me making fun of someone I didn’t know very well. (I was on the phone.) She hollered at me from the other room. “Remember mom what you taught me in Girls on the Run? Your words are like toothpaste. Once […]

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This is It. 

Fourteen people in a circle.  One of those is Tom. He is just out of jail. Jan is gay. Sally’s a millionaire. Osman is a Syrian refugee. Patrick loves Trump. Rick is a police officer. Bob is in the NRA and Jasmine is in Black Lives Matter.  Of course, they don’t know this about each […]

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A Change A’Comin’

His voice was loud and sheer and terrifying. “Why’d you shoot him? Why’d you kill him? This keeps happening and what do you get? You get vacation time. Nice life. You kill a brother and you get a few days off! How would you feel if all your brothers and fathers were lying dead in […]

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Getting My Hair Did

Hair.  I have this thing about my hair. I am 56 and I have really long hair.  When I had my daughter Helen, I went through some kind of hormonal short circuit and cut it all off.  My mom, at least in my lifetime, always kept her hair short. She was chic and flowy….a new […]

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Mamas Gotta Support

I believe in celebrating the good. So when I see it I like to shout it out.  And so this morning I wanna tell y’all about THIS woman.  Right before the holidays I was in a pretty bad car bang-up. Four cars were involved. I was third in the pile up.  No one was hurt […]

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Today is the day we honor Martin Luther King, Jr.  Therefore, I think it fitting to share that I’ve decided to attend the Women’s March in Washington on the 21st. I’ve also decided to attend some of the Inaugural Events on the 20th. (Timing is a bit of a challenge with travel, so am going […]

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