I think overthinking gets a bad rap. As with everything, there’s a balance there.

When I was a kid, it was my overthinking that saved me from the highly dysfunctional (and at times dangerous) house I grew up in. My overthinking/imagination would take me to places that were protective and safe.

Sure, it can lead to anxiety and melancholy, but it can also be the foundation for a productive imagination.

I think (😂) with everything it’s just how we look at it and how we “use it.”

This photo makes me smile. For some reason, it reminded me of my brain, the synapses and all that “dot-connecting.”

(Meditation is the counter-balance. I meditate and overthink. There’s that magical both/and again. 🤓)

“Overthinking is my best friend. Always fills my brain with delight and sits by my side. It never leaves me alone.”

~Suyasha Subedi