An evening check in and some observations:

1. I heard a siren today. First I’ve heard since arriving here in Marfa, a week ago.

2. Went for a drive and ended up going through my first border patrol check station. The officer asked if I was a US citizen. I said yes and he signaled me forward. I realized at that very second how I had been profiled. I wanted to ask him so many questions, but not the time nor the place.

3. Took my dogs to the local dog park. Not a dog to be seen. I let them loose and within moments I was removing the little burrs from Abby’s and Pixie’s feet. They look exactly like the little burrs that live hidden in the scratchy grass on the NC coast. I need to get them little (cowboy) boots. 😂😂😂

4. We had a thunderstorm today. The wind was easily gusting to 40 mph. It lasted about ten minutes and then was gone. Very dramatic, kind of scary and absolutely beautiful…all at the same time.

5. I have decided to learn Spanish, so I purchased Rosetta Stone’s online curriculum. Tony, one of my neighbors, recommended it.

6. As far as I can see there are only three franchise businesses here. The rest are all locally owned. The franchises are Dollar General, Subway/ Stripes (a gas station, subway combination) and Dairy Queen. I snapped a photo of their sign. I have no idea what it means.

7. Many of the local businesses close for the day or week when they’ve gotten enough money to cover their expenses. It’s a very trusting and simple approach to life.

8. Marfa sits at an elevation of almost 4700 feet. My breathing finally felt normal during a bike ride today.

9. And here’s a selfie to prove that I’m still bathing, eating and taking care of myself. I’m just not brushing my hair very much. 😂😂😂😂😂