I’ve been more immersed in politics, then I ever have in my entire life.

Last September, I was invited to serve on the Bipartisan Policy Center’s Commission for Political Reform (a.k.a CPR) and quite frankly, walked into the conversation with a great deal of naiveté about politics. 


Yet, I realize that it is this naiveté that can really serve to open up conversations that can get stuck in the small stuff. 

For about six months prior to the phone call from the Bipartisan Policy Center, asking me to serve on the commission, I had been working on an idea designed to unlock what is possible when political leadership includes compromise, understanding, deep listening and communication…all elements richly woven into the fabric of Girls on the Run…not only in the curriculum we deliver to the girls in the program, but within how we RUN the organization. 

I’ve been deeply immersed in the political climate in DC for the last several months and I gotta tell you…that even the most honorable and focused folks (and I’m including myself here) can be pulled into the negativity, blaming and mudslinging.  It’s kind of like walking onto a playground, where the only way to survive is to play the game that is already there.

In a few days (determining just when becomes challenging in the current ever-changing climate in DC) I, with the help of an amazing team of passionate leaders, will be sharing this BIG idea with you…and so here I am on “just this side of things” pondering how (because I am certain it will be) my life will be different.

I’m reminded of when I started Girls on the Run.  I knew I was onto something that would certainly push some social norms but at the same time, I knew that the energy of the program was driven by an invitation to others to join, rather than a “have-to” kind of claim.  I felt an interesting mix of joy and anxiety, both within the same moment.

And so…here I am again…on this side of things…keenly aware of how things seem to be lining up in favor of what this new program/innovation will bring to the world…with that odd and wonderful mix of joy and anxiety pulsing through every cell of my body.  As my son shared with me…this is when we know we are onto something…when we feel fully and wholly ALIVE!

So…here I am in the quiet space of THIS morning…feeling deep within my soul…a change a’ comin’.