One year ago, I completely uprooted myself and everything I’ve known and moved to the small town of Marfa, TX. I wasn’t sure why I was moving and I also wasn’t sure why it was Marfa.

Now, as I reflect on a year of mostly-solitude, I realize that this past year has been about rediscovering what brings me and those around me the greatest joy. As one of my dearest friends told me, “You are an inspirer. Let the rest go.”

I think she’s right. I’m cycling, running, breathing in this big, bold, beautiful landscape and reconnecting daily with my Higher Power.

I’ve also had time to reflect on the many roles and many hats I’ve tried on over the course of my life.

Yeah…this year has been about unraveling from the expectations of those roles and learning to be okay without them…to be okay with being nothing but what I am.

Next year, I turn 60. I live a very simple and uncomplicated life these days. My kids are grown. Which means I have more time to intentionally and thoughtfully connect with those things, ideas and people who fuel my soul! I get to be present to the world around me, in ways I haven’t (known that I could) in the past.

It’s an interesting place…this being “nothing.” It’s kind of like just being. Which is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been.

Good morning Friday friends.