A few semi-humorous, non-essential-to-the-world’s-advancement observations this morning:

1. There’s cold and then there’s COLD. Yesterday the temperature was about 24 degrees. Nothing for you Northerners, I know. But add 20 to 30 mph steady-non-stop-persistent-no-trees-or-buildings-or-anything-to-block-it winds and it’s a whole other level. Even my dogs didn’t want to go out.

2. I’m experiencing time in a different way. I didn’t realize how much I used street noise and artificial light to regulate my sleeping behavior. When I wake up, I have to actually look at the clock to make sure I’m not getting up at 3:00 AM. The sun doesn’t rise until around 7:30 (We are to the far WEST in the time zone.) There are no street lights or cars to use as time-indicators.

3. I am consistently driving below 20 mph. Because there are no stoplights, everything is kind of a rolling-stop-yield-figure-out-who-goes-when kind of traffic flow. For those of you who know how I drive, this proves that miracles, do indeed, exist.

4. Not waving as people drive by, feels wrong.

5. Those little burrs that live in the tall, bushy grass…they show up everywhere, including socks, the interior of sweaters, the bed, potholders, my hair, my dogs’ hair, hats, rugs, couches, car seats, coat pockets and shoes.

6. Sometimes noticing what isn’t here is reminding me of what is. I do not hear airplanes or sirens.

Have a good day.