Someone I love and who is feeling the affects of our divided nation wrote this and sent it to me. 

I thought it was beautiful and I asked James Henry Barker if I could share it. 

He said yes. I love you, son. 

“The L train from Brooklyn to Manhattan is an interesting place to be in the world right now. Queens and Brooklyn are some of the more diverse neighborhoods in America. 

Nearly every nationality in the world is living here and represented very proudly. Over the years as both Brooklyn and Queens, and for that matter, many neighborhoods across America have seen more and more people that look like me move in and call this place home, I’m sure there is likely to be some distaste and negative views around the ever-changing neighborhoods. 

I’m sitting on a bench next to a teenage Latina woman, a middle aged Asian woman, a white guy with a pretty crazy lumberjack beard, and an Eastern European 30 something with as many diverse people across from me and all the way around. 

The energy is low it seems. I haven’t talked to anyone and it’s not right to assume anything but for anyone aware of what happened in the early hours of this morning it has to all be on our minds…

How do we come together? How do we fix this thing? Are WE the people, the solution? 

Yes, I think we are. Cause from my reading. We all feel a bit hurt, and some more than others. Some are afraid. 

We will continue to raise our families. Be with friends. Make bad decisions. Fall in love. Learn something new. 

I don’t know how we move toward but I feel a new found obligation to continue giving my loving and thoughtful self to every person I meet. Helping my brothers and sisters when they need help. We all play a small part in a bigger game. And we have the power to work together.”