I should be asleep. I swore to myself I would take a nap before taking the red eye flight back to Charlotte. 

But two things are prohibiting that…I am totally jacked up after a truly inspiring day at the PGA TOUR Executive Women’s Day…talking about the power of women and the power of listening, empathy and compassion in leadership. I am filled up to the brim with hope!!! 

Which got me doubly jacked up…when I came back to my room and continue to see the unbridled vitriolic language coming out of this year’s Presidential Election. 

So…feeling helpless and feeling empowered…both within the exact same moment…I did what any helpless and empowered person does…I started a petition on change.org. 

And here is what I wrote.

“We are clearly at a turning point in America. This election has fueled an anger that, from my perspective, has many as concerned about what will happen AFTER the election…as much as what is happening now. 

I am so sad (and yes angry sometimes) about how politics is tearing us apart. And so here I am…with an open heart…letting my American friends know that I am not one to be feared after this election is over. I promise to do my best to listen, to work toward peaceful dialogue and understanding with those around me.

This does not mean I may agree with you. It also doesn’t mean I won’t express anger. Anger is what got me here. I will continue to stand up for myself and others. 

What it does mean is this…and it’s really quite simple…I will strive to be kind when expressing my views. I will strive to listen first…to understand…to put myself in your shoes. 

I think there are a lot more of us on each side of this political debate…who yearn for this more than might appear in the media. 

The idea is simple. If you want, yearn, hope for more kindness and respect between us after the election is over…won’t you join me…and promise to work toward that end in all areas of your life? 

I am not seeking perfection here. Anger is normal and expected. What I am talking about…is the willingness to try and be kind in the process, to listen first to understand. 

My idea isn’t really all that original. Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, Jesus, my mom, my dad, my friend Ann Davant Crehore, and a lot of my friends said this was the way to speak truth to power. 

The change begins with us…begin being the operative word.”
If you wanna join in…do it. (Also thanks to my beautiful friend Karen Miller-Peters for holding me to this.)