I moved into a new neighborhood several weeks ago. 

It is a truly multi-cultural, multi-ethnic neighborhood. 

I live next door to a Muslim family. A few doors down from me live William and Betty, black folks who have lived in this neighborhood forever. Every weekend he and his crew gather on his front porch. I can hear their laughter. They shout at me when I drive by…”HEY MOLLY!”

This past weekend, a Latino celebration was full-on…mariachi music, tons of cars, people dressed up, lights strung across the yard. 

I love driving past the bus stop in the morning. Most of the kids are brown. There are two tiny girls…who always make me smile. One is white with curly blond locks and the other is black…with her hair in pig tails. I see them running through the neighborhood together most weekends…

I love where I live. This neighborhood. This nation of immigrants…colorful, beautiful, immigrants…colorful, beautiful Americans.