I believe in celebrating the good. So when I see it I like to shout it out. 

And so this morning I wanna tell y’all about THIS woman. 

Right before the holidays I was in a pretty bad car bang-up. Four cars were involved. I was third in the pile up. 

No one was hurt (significantly), air bags deployed in a couple of the cars and I won’t ever forget the comment of one of the police officers. “Why this is the nicest and kindest group of people I have ever seen in a car wreck together. When are y’all going to have coffee?”  

Now THAT didn’t happen, but what did happen was…my (used-when-I-bought-it) car was totaled.

Because the holidays were approaching it’s taken a little while to manage all the paperwork, insurance and compensation for my old nondescript and extremely functional car. 

So yesterday when I walked onto the lot of one of the largest used car dealers in the universe I had just hoped to look at cars. 

But then I met HER….Vickie Wingler Hartman. 

Now I know a good salesperson when I see them. And she was one of those. But she was good, not because she tried to hard-sell me or push me or persuade me to buy this or that car…it’s because she was kind and nice and in no rush…basically helpful with no agenda. 

In her words, “Buying a car is , second to buying a house, one of the biggest deals in a person’s life. I want to be sure I’m helpful in that process, honest and kind. I mean…what’s there to gain by being anything other than yourself?”

And here’s what I love. We got to know each other. We’re both single, hard working people, two kids…kids that we have provided for the best we could…we’ve struggled (like zillions of other women) with negative body-talk and basically seen life as a constant roller coaster of joy and sorrow. It’s not always been easy but it’s been worth it. 

And so from one single mama to another…I want to give a shout out…because mamas need to support each other, because mamas got mouths to feed and babies to raise. 

So seriously…call this a shameless pitch if you wish but I just call it kindness and karma and supporting the hard workers of the world…the next time you are in the market for a car call my new friend Vickie…you can find her at CarMax…CarMax to be exact. 

She’s the bomb diggity bomb.