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Well…if I’m really honest with you…the last month has been a really tough one. I’m not going to launch into details, but let’s just say…I’ve relied heavily on my yoga, my running and my friends.

I’ve also needed…as in really needed…my quiet time. I’ve been waking up every morning earlier and earlier…fumbled through making coffee and stumbled out to my front porch, sometimes dragging an old down sleeping bag with me. The bird’s first welcome to the day starts around 5:37 a.m. and builds in volume until I wander back inside around 6:30.

I’m becoming increasingly aware, thanks to a number of revelations over the last month, how powerful it is to choose joy, love and hope. I’ve always talked a good game when it came to living in this space, but to be honest, the last REAL challenge I’ve had to that space was nearly 20 years ago. It’s one thing to be joyful, loving and hopeful when everything is peachy, but when the going gets tough…choosing joy, love and hope becomes a true practice in patience, faith and a kind of blind belief that the universe is truly conspiring in our favor, whether we are able, at the time, to see it or not.

I’m working on a new project that is building in momentum and is sure to create a shift in our cultural and societal perceptions around leadership. Funny…I feel like something rather amazing is brewing. Inflection points usually reveal themselves in hindsight…but in this case…thanks to all this angst, challenge, reflection and needed quiet time, I am physically, emotionally and joyfully prepared for life’s work ahead of me.

So on your mark, getting ready, set…here we go.