If you live in Charlotte, (or elsewhere…we will be live streaming from the The Red Boot Coalition Facebook page) please mark your calendars for Thursday July 21st from 6 to 7:30 pm EDT, at the Morrison Regional Library Auditorium in Charlotte, NC. (Near the Morrocroft Harris Teeter.)

The Red Boot Coalition is hosting a panel discussion with Q and A about how you and I can engage in ways that cultivate, foster and encourage connection between people…more specifically…how we can build bridges and engage productively and compassionately on conversations around race, religion and politics. 

The first thirty minutes, (after brief introductions) I will be leading folks in the room in an actual Red Boot Coalition meeting…for those of you who are interested to understand more about what and how we do…what we do!

If you feel you are a “novice” or somehow “not educated enough on these topics” or concerned you have ” little to contribute”…Please know this is what Red Boot is about. To speak without fear of judgment…to listen with an open heart. 

Thanks to Leslie Lomax Boyd, Ann Davant Crehore, Patricke Ward and Kenn Shrader for agreeing to serve on the panel. All have been trained as Red Boot Guides. 

I will be facilitating. 

All are welcome. Seating limited. We are almost to capacity now. 

Please RSVP to Info@theredbootcoalition.org