Kids Lit From Within

Keep it simple is a mantra I’ve grown to appreciate. That’s why I’m offering a copy of this powerful little book for anybody who wants it. Kids Lit From Within is an updated version of a book I wrote in 2004.

The premise is simple. We all are amazing and yet sometimes the noise of the world can get in the way of that simple truth. Kids Lit From Within is a book for anyone, age 7 and up. Each chapter provides a series of “practices” we can utilize in our daily lives that keep us “lit from within.”

I am not charging a fee for this, but would ask that if you wish to send some payment, please do! A portion of all proceeds will go to Vision Possible, a low-income housing initiative that provides direct financial assistance to those who need it. (For more information email me at

  • Venmo: @Molly-Barker-2
  • CashApp: $MollyBarker
  • Pay Pal: @MollyBarker1960

I invite you to download a copy of the book directly from this link:

Get creative with how you use it! One idea is to print it out, punch three holes on the left edge and tie a ribbon through each to make your very own book!

Also, please share the link with your friends, teachers, family…anyone you think can benefit from it. If you have ideas about how to make this book more accessible please let me know. I’m sure there are many technologies out there (thanks to 2020) that make items like this more available, I’m just not aware of them. Email me at

Thank you so much for visiting and sharing this with the people you love. This book comes straight from my heart to yours.