I thought it was about time to purge my keychain of old keys.

These three will soon be in the trash.

The psychedelic blue one was the key to my first tiny apartment after my kids were out on their own.

The yellow butterfly one was to my son’s duplex on Pecan Avenue.

And the silver one…I don’t know what that key unlocks.

I wish it unlocked hearts and minds, but I’ve learned, by living my own life (and being hell-bent-sure-of-my-perspective), there has to be a willingness there…a desire to open the heart…the mind.

I think maybe instead of trashing the silver key, I’ll keep a hold of it.

Carry it in my pocket as a reminder to be willing…willing when need be… to unlock my own heart and mind.

“A grudging willingness to admit error does not suffice; you have to cultivate a taste for it

~Aaron Haspel

Good Tuesday Morning my friends.