I am sooooo excited to share this with you.

Please consider joining us!

“Our modern world is LOUD. Busy. Crammed full of stuff, people, information and activities. It’s easy to lose your connection with your inner world, your inner voice.

But She has wisdom to share.

During this simple retreat, you’ll practice accessing your own inner voice by eliminating distractions. Turning off the noise of life. Settling into stillness.

Join us January 10 – 12, 2020, at the rustic Sacred Grove Retreat Center (Sacred Grove Retreat) in Gold Hill, North Carolina, for a weekend of nature, stillness, and listening. During this retreat, your guides – Molly Barker and Angie Stegall (Angie Stegall, Wayfinder) – will create an environment custom-made for listening, reflecting, and speaking your truth in a safe space.”

Here’s the link! https://angiestegall.com/stillness-retreat/

We only have space for fifteen. If you have any questions please direct message me!

I want to also thank Jeeves & Co. for providing the yummy food!