Many of you who find yourselves HERE…as in at got here because of your connection to or interest in Girls on the Run. I started that organization nearly 19 years ago! WOW. To many of the girls in our program, 1996 was back “when the dinosaurs roamed.” As a matter of fact, many of the girls are surprised to learn that the founder (inventor in their words) of Girls on the Run is still alive!

Well…I’m here to report that I am still very much alive and thrilled to be working on a new initiative called “The Red Boot Coalition.”

Every once in a while, I will be reposting something I (or others) may have posted on the website OR on our Red Boot Facebook page.

How I ended up with the Red Boot Coalition is a very twisty-turning kind of journey. My original interest was in “figuring out” a way we could address the hyperpolarized state of American Politics. I couldn’t understand why leaders would be encouraging, creating and sustaining a “conquer and divide” kind of climate in our “United” states…a climate that was, in my opinion, the complete opposite of what leadership is about.

What I discovered after nearly a year of research, was what has become obvious now more than ever…the “conquer and divide”, “us versus them” isn’t just in American politics, but exists within and is supported by many of our largest systems. The demonizing of “the other” exist in all facets of not just American culture, but in communities across the globe.

Today, I posted what follows, on our  Red Boot Webpage and Red Boot Facebook page and thought I would repost here…I think it sums up pretty well…the Red Boot perspective and the deep down raison d’etre of the organization. Heck I think it pretty much sums up MY perspective and the deep down reason I am here. 🙂

“Fear. It’s pretty much everywhere. Anger and Blame. Us versus Them. Conquer and Divide. They are not like us. They need to be different. They are evil.

They. Them. THOSE people.

Just reading and saying those words feels scary. The world feels like it’s toppling over, violent, spinning out of control.

Well, there is a group of us…who think we can do something about that. We are you. We are bankers, housekeepers, truck drivers, politicians, teenagers, black, white , Latina, Asian, African, American, Canadian, Russian, Ukrainian, Syrian, men, women, rich, poor, gay, straight, married, single, welfare recipients and CEO’s. We are Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Atheists, Agnostics, Teachers, Union Members, government administrators, children, pastors, rabbis, convenience store workers, pharmaceutical sales associates, hospitality staff, Las Vegas gamblers and parents. We are Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Libertarians, pro-lifers, pro-choicers, elected leaders and those running for office. Whatever way, shape, form, name exists…we are us.

We are Red Booters.

We live our lives with curiosity, open-minds, humility and courage. We see differences with a kind of child-like curiosity rather than a fearful “they aren’t like us.” We aren’t afraid to look fear in the face and in our courageous, loving kind of wide-eyes and curious ways say…”Tell me more. I want to understand.”

Jesus, Gandhi, Mandela, King, Jefferson, and all of our greatest leaders spoke eloquently of and lived fully into the power of love…and by doing so literally changed the course of human events.

This is really what the Red Boot Coalition is about…to fearlessly and with humility, apply loves’ power in all that we do.

It’s really not that complicated.”