We can do thisI’ve been thinking about who I’d like to see in leadership positions…and I came up with these core values. Admittedly expertise and other traits are necessary, but I’ve been thinking about what seems to be missing…and if it’s not missing…then it’s certainly not being covered as much in our popular media.

(I am also learning that much of what IS covered in the popular media and what IS actually real…frequently have very little to do with each other.)

STRONG leaders exude a powerful yet humble strength, that “you-know-it-when-you-feel-it” kind of strength that comes when love, courage and compassion are in the room.

HEART-DRIVEN leaders are relentless in their pursuit for heartful connection even when it is least expected.

JOYFUL leaders are willing to express joy even in the most cynical of circumstances.

AUTHENTIC leaders crusade for all people regardless of religion, economics, gender or party…they create spaces for exuberant self-expression and authenticity no matter the situation. They are Real.

COMPASSIONATE leaders listen with their whole heart, see the good in people even when they can’t see it in themselves. They stand up for those who feel voiceless, disenfranchised, lost and unloved, by providing them with the encouragement and the tools to stand up for themselves.

REFLECTIVE leaders know and delight in the wisdom that comes from solitude, silence, slowing down and self-reflection and make time everyday to go to that powerful space.

WHOLE leaders integrate the wisdom of our elders and the idealism of our youth to bring forth a leadership that is robust, gritty, tender and kind.

GENUINE leaders are the first to laugh at themselves, disclose their vulnerabilities and admit their mistakes. This keeps them real, funny and in an ironic kind of way, “unmessable” with.

INNOVATIVE leaders dare to go where others have not. They approach age old issues with fresh eyes and a willingness to create anew. They enjoy bringing issues down to the “last why” and building from here. They are our world’s social entrepreneurs, teachers, philosophers, inventors and change makers. (If you’re still struggling to grasp who I’m talking about picture Mother Teresa with the intellect and innovative mind of the sometimes pushy vision-seeing approach of Steve Jobs.)

I think instead of waiting for someone else to lead like this…I will.

I think it’s that simple.