On my way to. Red Boot Meeting, this happened.

Molly standing in line at Starbucks. She notices a very short human, of the girl gender, standing next to her. Said human is wearing a fabulous maxi skirt, pink and green, with matching running shoes and a blingy tshirt with the words Selwyn Elementary.
Molly to girl:  So, are YOU in Girls on the Run?
Fantastic little human places her hands on her hips and gives a slight sassy look. “I’m in KINDERGARTEN.”
Molly:  Oh, I thought you were older.
Girl gives a satisfied nod.
Molly:  Are you a runner?  I noticed your running shoes.
Girl: Yeah, I am.
Pause then girl speaks. “I run around on the playground.”
Molly: Cool
Girl:  Do you go to Selwyn?
Molly:  I’m 54.
Girl:  Oh.
We wait for our drinks. Her mom smiles.
Watch out world. This one is a powerful.