Today I wear the Red Boot as a way of letting you, all those I meet, and those I do not know yet…

That you matter to me; I am a safe person; I will do my best to remain open even if we disagree; that I will strive to seek first to understand; that I will assume positive intent of you and you can certainly assume positive intent of me; that I am trustworthy.  I will strive to listen without an agenda…to listen with my whole heart before responding. 
These actions are what empowered Love looks like to me. 

I wear the Red Boot as a way to show that this Love matters to me and that I will strive to boldly love even those I struggle to love. 

I wear the Red Boot to show you that I courageously stand with and for Love even when I am challenged by fear and hatred. 

Because I am human. And so are you. 

And we are all in this together.

Why do you wear the Red Boot?  

(Thanks to Eric Lerner for believing in Red Boot so much that he had these made…so that I can wear my heart on my sleeve/shirt ❤️ and can show others that I am doing my best to love even those with whom I disagree, may perceive as my enemy, those I may fear. 

If you would like a “Red Boot” please message me or drop in a comment. We will figure out a way to get one to you.)

I truly love all of you here…