This right here is what’s happening.

I remember when Helen was only 11, she overheard me making fun of someone I didn’t know very well. (I was on the phone.)

She hollered at me from the other room. “Remember mom what you taught me in Girls on the Run? Your words are like toothpaste. Once they leave the tube, you can’t put ’em back in. What kind of example are you setting for me right now?” (I’m pretty sure she took great delight in catching me in my own hypocrisy…and that’s a whole other challenge. 😇)

Yeah…our kids are listening.
Disagreeing with someone: Totally Cool. 

Name calling and bullying…totally not cool. 

It’s so hard right now, not to get pulled into “the making fun of” and bullying, but I want to do better…be better…speak better…for them.