Dear Hank and Helen:

I think we’ve got Mother’s Day all backwards.

It’s me who should be celebrating you on this day…after all…I wouldn’t be a mother if it weren’t for you two.

So I thought it might be cool to outline five of the amazing moments of motherhood…all of course shared in deep gratitude for your being a part of them.

1. Birthing you both was WITHOUT question, the most spiritual experience of my life. Yeah it hurt, but the process was truly transcendent. I experienced total integration…I was of this world and of the other one, earth and heaven, spirit and human, soul and spirit…the process was (and is) truly miraculous.

2. That time Hank, you were about fourteen years old, and we were arguing with each other. There was quite a lot of yelling and cursing…mainly from me. I was scared and unsure of how to manage my own emotions when it came to some of what you were doing in your teenage years and so I was lashing out. You knocked on my door (after I had slammed it) and handed me the book “Love You Forever” as a peace offering. I cried and you cried and we figured it out.

3. That time Helen, when you were nearly fourteen. You seemed distant and I told you that you could always share whatever was on your mind and no matter what it was I would love you. And so you did. Remember that? We sat on the bed in my room and you courageously told me the truth about some things you were going through and from that moment on, I knew you were going to be okay.

4. That time for Thanksgiving, we had Hot Dogs (with toothpicks no less), chips, orange slices, and Coca Cola as our own little purposeful rebellion to what is considered “normal.” I think we laughed so hard we might’ve cried.

5. And the greatest of all is watching you both navigate your adult lives…with wholeness, integrity, honesty, some good ole’ mischief, and empathy; to watch how you live is the greatest gift of all.

I love you both with all my heart, soul and mind.

Happy Mother’s Day.