Hey…so at Red Boot, we like to use “hiking” metaphors. Look at it this way. You can’t go straight for a hike of the Appalachian Trail without training first, right? You have to start small…maybe a walk around the block, and then a walk around the block with all your gear on.

I remember when this video came out. It brought me some peace this morning. I’ve been having trouble assuming positive intent…the media, the world seem to be so “us and them.”

I think you can start small. As simple as a smile at someone…or holding the door, or helping a neighbor.

I made the effort yesterday to return to some of my “early” Red Boot Ways. I went out of my way to be extra kind to people I encountered and guess what…I felt better about things.

Smiling, eye contact, being kind…these all restore my faith in humanity and I get something in return for sure…the feeling like I can do something…like I can be love…in what feels like a dark time.

Social justice is important. Marches, protests, organizing…these things are all important to me AND so too, are the ways I choose to treat the people around me. For me, it’s an AND.