“To me, it’s being in a place where they can be themselves.”  

That’s my good friend Sil Ganzó…and nope…she is not talking about Girls on the Run…(but she could be right?)

She’s talking about Our Bridge an organization she heads up that provides after school and life skills training for immigrant kids. 

I’ve known of her work for years, but with the recent happenings throughout our country, I’ve decided it’s important for me REALLY know her so I can better serve her and her “kids.”

We went to lunch a couple of weeks ago and I have to say, my heart is breaking. Her immigrant parents are afraid to leave their homes and come pick up their kids because of the random stops and questioning. 

“In one instance,” she shares, “a van of four was pulled over and one of the guys did indeed have a warrant, but ICE detained all of them. That’s somebody’s dad.”

I think about my own children and how hard it was in middle school to just get along and I can’t imagine, being in a different place with a different language wondering if my mom or dad might end up being detained. 

Seriously, I can’t imagine living with that kind of anxiety. 

If you have a minute check out Sil and check out her organization. They can use funding and lots of love. 

Sil has two kids of her own. “I try not to let the fear of what’s happening trickle down into my home life, but I also have to be honest. I’m an immigrant too.”

Y’all…Statistics are not people. They are numbers on a piece of paper and sure…I know the issue is complicated; but I’m also pretty sure there’s a way to tackle any issue without taking away the humanity of our brothers and sisters. 

We have a number of immigrants involved in the Red Boot Challenge and our mission pretty much says it all…”We create brave places for compassionate listening and honest sharing…safe places for people to go beneath the labels and truly see each other as human beings.”

Sil, I see you and the amazing Love you bring to people’s lives and I want you to know that I am grateful you are on this planet.