Signs that you are suffering from “Election Fatigue.”

1. Stories about the Kardashians, “Housewives of…” series and House of Cards Netflix series are all beginning to feel uplifting and poignant. 

2. Posting videos of puppies, kitty cats, babies and insects doing remarkable things feels just about right. 

3. The moment you fire up your computer or quickly glance at the news headlines at your local coffee shop…you feel the immediate need to shield your eyes and let go a sigh heard round the world. 

4. The National Enquirer is no longer seen as all that weird. 

5. Your family members for the “other candidate” have completely given up trying to convince you that your candidate is the biggest liar ever known to humankind. Political conversations have instead…been replaced by talking about the funny things that happened while you were growing up. 

6. You realize that at this point no one, no story, no documentation is going to change your mind (or anyone else’s for that matter) about which presidential candidate you are voting for. 

7. You realize now how powerful the media (social media in particular) is in driving the perception we have of the “other.” You begin to question (bordering on skepticism) the source of every meme, article, source including whether the video of that one funny dad dancing behind his daughters was staged or impromptu as suggested. 

8. You either withdraw from strangers or become more connected realizing that we are all on this big election ship together…all just trying to make sense of the strangest, most unreal Student Council…I mean Presidential election…ever. 😜😳😬

I know for me? I’ve decided this election is a wake up call…to see how committed I am to loving ALL…to challenge myself to see the human being “behind” the flag, the religion, the race, the slogan, the bumper sticker, the tattoo, the hair color, the age, the gender, the car or the clothes…to realize that I (along with everybody else) am just trying to figure it out the best way I can.