love your neighbor
So here it is people: I am not voting for Donald Trump.
There…I said it. No minds were changed. The earth didn’t shift. No one was hurt and my friends who are voting for him still like me…or at least I would assume they do…because they are those kind of people.
Before I share my tiny little contribution to this year’s election, let me preface this post with a few important points:
1. This will in fact, be a kinda-sorta political post. If you’ve had enough of that kind of thing, please just skip it. Life is good and it will continue with and without my view on these things. So move on if you wish. It’s all good!!!
2. I have a number of good friends who are voting for Donald Trump. (You know who you are. ❤️) I know these people well and I love them! I love how they show up in the world. I love who they are and what they do. I know them as giving, tender-hearted folks.
3. I readily recognize that everything I see, touch, feel, believe and even think…gets filtered through the lens of MY life-experiences.
And so holding to the last two points especially, I share what follows, from MY heart, MY perspective and MY desire to bring Love-As-I-Have-Come-To-Know-It into the world.
I decided to tell you why I am not voting for Donald Trump because I believe the Love-As-I-Have-Come-To-Know-It-In-The-World needs more people to speak up on Her behalf…or at least do their best to speak up on Her behalf. (Because no one gets it perfectly.
No one…well…except maybe Jesus, Buddha, Martin Luther King, Jr. or those other Hip, Loving Leaders.)
The Love-As-I-Have-Come-To-Know-It has been having a rough go of it. She isn’t loud like fear is. She just goes about doing her thing. She’s kind of like that awesome customer service person behind the Target Counter who is just so nice all the time. You just don’t realize how nice she is until she’s replaced by someone who behaves in a way that isn’t nice.
“Darn it. I miss that nice lady. I wish I had told her how much I appreciated her.”
So that’s why I’m speaking up on that Quiet-Kind-Of-Love’s-Behalf (what was that whole thing about clanking gong and noisy symbol?) because I really like having Her around.
I just love seeing Her smile each time I meet a stranger in the line at the convenience store or in the car next to me in 5 o’clock traffic, or read about immigrants doing cool things in the USA or Muslim Humans and Christian Humans holding hands together.
1. Let me begin by sharing that the Love-As-I-Have-Come-To-Know-It looks first to the human…not the label, the demographic, or the “other.”
That’s right. The Love-As-I-Have-Come-To-Know-It looks first to the Love in you, me and that Muslim dude (❤️ Osman Ali) sitting next to you on the airplane.
2. The Love-As-I-Have-Come-To-Know-It listens first to understand and then be understood. She is calm. She is resilient. She is safe.
That’s right. Expressions like “Black Lives Matter” and “White Privilege” provoke within Her a deep and curious desire to understand, to listen, to “get it.” She really digs that kind of stuff.
3. The Love-As-I-Have-Come-To-Know-It is very intentional with how she expresses herself. She recognizes that words can wound, hurt, deepen the sorrows and pains of people who have borne the burdens of pain and sorrow for too long.
She lingers in the space with those who are broken and She listens, whispers, prays for healing.
Words like wall, bitch, liar, stupid, rapists, blood coming out of her whatever, are simply not part of her vocabulary.
4. The Love-As-I-Have-Come-To-Know-It realizes that the things in life that matter…require discipline, time and well-thought-out decisions. There are no quick fixes when it comes to addressing our nation’s most pressing problems.
She inspires Leadership that honors the many intricacies of a problem, the interconnectedness between systems and the complexities when dealing with human beings. She recognizes the power of relationship in creating solutions.
5. Now don’t get me wrong.
The Love-As-I-Have-Come-To-Know-It is no pushover, either.
She’s intensely protective of you and me. And that’s why I’m writing this post on Her behalf, because I am fiercely protective of Her.
It isn’t “those people”, “them,” “the other” or even Mr.Trump who is Her arch enemy (if She even has one). It is fear…and our fear of letting fear go (oh the irony) that has us look into the eyes of our own brothers and sisters and see not what is truly there…but what fear tells us is there instead.
I know what you are thinking. “None of the candidates live completely into ‘The Love-As-You-Have-Come-To-Know-It.'”
And I agree!
But speaking from my own experiences…and the Love-As-I-Have-Come-To-Know-It that has positively changed my life for the better, time and time again…I felt the need, in my own little way to speak up on Her behalf…and state with absolutely certainty, that when I do vote, She and I will not be voting for Donald Trump.
As far as my friends who are voting for Trump, I love you and always will. You know that. You know me. Who we vote for doesn’t figure into our friendships.
(I will kindly ask that should you choose to comment on this post, you try along with me, to lean into Love in your response. As always, all voices are welcome here)