So…who or what decided the color scheme of the universe?  How did he/she/it land on certain colors for certain venues? The question isn’t… why is the sky blue…but why is blue the color chosen (for lack of a better word) for the color of the sky?

Alright…so after the heavy of yesterday, let’s wander somewhere a bit more in the space of nothing and perhaps uplifting…I was driving to work this morning and the most beautiful robin-egg-blue sky began to emerge from beneath the cloak of night’s sky.  Slowly the sun tickled its way across the dark and the blue of day began.

It was a very peaceful drive.

I was a Science teacher in my first work-life.  I am (many people find this surprising) a Chemistry Major and taught High School Chemistry and Biology for several years before I went back to graduate school and got a Masters in Social Work.  I’ve always been fascinated with science…and at a much deeper level…the miracles of science and how everything is magically conspiring in favor of the environment,  if we just stay out of the way.  Every single process that keeps our bodies running is perfect…down to the smallest detail.  (Other than, surprisingly the tail bone.  As I recall, the tail bone is the one remaining part of our body that has no purpose other than to occasionally remind us of why we don’t pull a chair out from underneath somebody.  I think the appendix may have also been a leftover, from our evolving bodies, that we don’t really need anymore. :))

Now, anyone can research the scientific reasons for WHY the sky is blue…but my question is why it is BLUE…WHY is that the color it is.  In other words, when all of this (whatever THIS is) was dreamed up/created/planned/big bang-made, why were the various colors in nature the ones we ended up with?

Is all of this accidental?  Researchers who study color have determined that color has various effects on our moods and the actual physiological workings of the brain.

Is it any coincidence that blue, the color of the sky, stimulates clear thought,  calms the mind and aids in concentration? Consequently it is serene and mentally calming.

Green surrounds us in plant life and  strikes the eye in such a way as to require no adjustment whatsoever.  It is, therefore, restful. Being in the center of the spectrum, green stimulates balance.

While we are certainly surrounded by a multitude of additional colors, these two in particular strike me as the predominant colors in nature. (Of course, reds, violets and yellows tossed in through flowers, sunsets and other beautiful and naturally occurring phenemonon create pysciological responses…which more often than not.. lead to stronger emotional reactions.  I mean we do have to get excited and inspired every once in a while.)

So is it therefore NOT coincidence that the sky is blue and our plant life is green…the Divine’s attempt to keep us calm, peaceful and centered?  Are there some “interior” (or rather exterior) design plans we are unaware of, but that are clearly part of the bigger picture?

What do you attribute sky color to besides the scientific reasons for it?  Why blue?  What do you think?  If you are up for it…ask your children and see what they say?  Have you ever even thought about it?  Have some fun with it! Let’s see how we think on this one…